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At Professional Appliance Rentals, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the most flexible professional appliance rental contracts available to the public sector anywhere in the UK. We have a range of services which are designed to make the whole process of acquiring professional appliances for public sector kitchens as simple as possible. All services can be built-in to our rental agreements and can be spread over the useful life of the hand dryer, meaning there is no large upfront capital outlay, just a manageable ongoing revenue expense.


Free Delivery Service

All of our professional appliance rentals include free on site delivery to your premises as standard at no extra cost. The rental price you see, is the price you pay for a fully delivered appliance.


Installation Service

With all of our professional appliance rentals, we are able to include a professional installation service to existing services. Our specialists will be able to work with you and your site team to ensure the proposed environment is ready for your chosen appliance, before sending in one of our engineers to install and commission the appliance in the desired location. If you are replacing an existing appliance, we are also able to offer an optional disconnection and removal service as part of the install visit.


Supply Only

Some of our customers choose to rent appliances from us, but wish to use their existing electricians or gas safe engineers to install their appliances within their premises. We are more than happy to work with our customers on this basis and can provide technical specifications and installation guides to assist with the install for all of our professional appliances. Our team are also on hand and are more than happy to provide any telephone support or guidance that is required to ensure a smooth install takes place.


Breakdown Warranty and Service Contract

The majority of the appliances we provide come with at least 1 year parts and labour on site breakdown warranty, but to ensure the appliances are protected for the full term of the rental agreement, we are also able to offer various levels of Service Contract as part of the rental. This provides added piece of mind, and should an appliance breakdown after year 1, all you need to do is call our repairs team and we can work with you to get the appliance back up and running as quickly as possible.


Repair Service

For our customers who wish to take out a professional appliance rental agreement with a standard 1 year breakdown warranty, we are able to provide a very competitive and responsive repair service. Our dedicated repairs team are on hand to support you and will be able to book a repair in at a convenient time to help get your hand dryer back up and running as quick as they can.


Bespoke Requirements

We are also happy to discuss any bespoke requirements you may have, that could potentially need to be factored in to your appliance project. Please feel free to call our team of specialists here and they will be more than happy to listen and see if there is a way we can help.

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